Family Office Services


All families are different.  We like that.  At Confluence Family Office, we specialize in becoming the necessary connection point of people, ideas, and information.

Our broad range of services allows us complete flexibility with our clients.  Some of the major services we can provide are:


  • Bill Pay
  • Bookkeeping
  • Cash Flow and Budgeting Projections
  • Prepare Monthly Financials
  • Assist with Tax Preparation

 Coordination and Facilitation

  • Facilitate Financial Meetings
  • Facilitate Family Meetings
  • Oversee and Coordinate other Advisors - CPA, Attorney, Investment Advisor, Insurance Agent, etc
  • Point of contact for the Family and their Advisors

Family Liaison

  • Educate Family Members about Family History, Family Values, and Family Wealth
  • Assist in the Development Family Mission Statement and Legacy Planning
  • Assist Trustees
  • Assist with Philanthropic Desires